Top Reasons Why You Should Install Backyard Swimming Pool

At some point in most Australian Homes with a garden, the topic of whether or not to receive a pool will appear. Usually when the mercury has struck over 30 degrees, the children are begging to be let down to the local pool again and everything you need to do is float into a blue retreat and wash away the day’s stress! Questions regarding cost, time and that will end up being the designated pool cleaner always come up, and if you are currently having the ‘if we or should not we’ debate about a backyard pool, then here are five reasons why you need to choose to, well, take the plunge!

Family Bonding

As the children get older, the prospect of hanging out with Mum and Dad gets less and less attractive for them and trying to organise household activities becomes increasingly more challenging. Having a garden pool, your children are going to be chomping at the bit to get in and make the most of it, meaning times spent enjoying the sun and water together will be opportunities for family bonding also.

backyard area


There is something incredibly calming about being in the water, either lazily stroking laps from 1 side to another or floating around on a li-lo with a beverage letting your stresses float off. When you have spent a busy, hot and uncomfortable Summer’s day commuting with all the audiences and pushing your way through town, there is nothing quite like coming home to your own private pool.


A backyard pool quickly becomes the focus point for all your entertaining and see this here for more information. A barbecue instantly becomes more enticing with the guarantee of a dip after dinner, just as weekend get-togethers with friends that was spent trooping whole families to the park with picnics and buckets of equipment can now be spent in the comfort and convenience in your location! Swimming is one of the best methods of building core strength and toning muscles, and what is more, it is a lot more enjoyable to this on your own backyard than to pay ridiculous fees so as to use the over-chlorinated community gym pool.

A quick dip before bed and a couple of laps is the ideal way to stretch your muscles, cool your body temperature and prepare your body for a deep, uninterrupted sleep. What’s more, there is nothing more refreshing than waking out of a sticky, hot sleep in the dead of Summer and having the ability to plunge into your swimming pool –a much better wakeup call than any cup of coffee, and one that will leave you feeling revitalised all day–until you can come home and repeat the procedure!