Evolution of the Sauna Heater in Riga

The sauna and the first sauna heaters have been devised over years back, when the Finns found the numerous health benefits of saunas. It had been so much a part of the culture that Finnish emigrants took the sauna tradition with them wherever they went in the world, introducing it to other nations and cultures. The sauna experience is revered and honoured, to the point it is seen as a religious, almost sacred practice. It provides a number of health benefits, such as:

Saunas in Riga

  • Relief of muscle soreness
  • Clearing of respiratory system
  • Easing of discomfort from arthritis
  • Cleansing of body toxins
  • Improved circulation
  • Relaxation and stress relief

The Initial Sauna Heaters

The Trick to any sauna is the heater, which has evolved tremendously since the first saunas were built into embankments from the floor. Written records dating back to 1112 explain the initial saunas as using stones for heaters, using the stones being heated with a wood fire in a stone stove. This method continued to be utilised as the Fins progressed to above-ground saunas built with big logs.

The wood fire method of heating a sauna was a slow, smoky process. It took around 12 hours to bring the space up to the appropriate temperature and smoke from the wood fire stayed in the sauna, turning the interior black with soot. The smoke was finally vented through a small air hole situated in one of the walls so that bathers could at last enter the sauna and start soaking up the advantages.

Improvements to the Sauna Heater

Over time, sauna experience in Riga evolved and enhanced as technology changed. The open wood fire gave way to metal woodstoves that utilized a chimney to vent smoke to the outside. This sort of heater still took a whole lot of time to properly heat a room.

For the first time, saunas could be easily and quickly heated using the convenience of power rather than the standard wood fire. This improvement made it easier to own and enjoy a sauna, helping to spread it even further into the mainstream of different cultures.

Today’s Sauna Heaters

Nowadays there is a wide range of sauna heaters available, Including electrical, gas, conventional wood-fired and infrared. These heaters Offer unparalleled choice and convenience for sauna fans, which makes it Simple to place a sauna just about everywhere you want one. Modern heaters also make it feasible to enjoy your choice of a wet sauna, a dry sauna, a steam sauna, a Sauna using infrared heating elements or a combination of these options.